Energy and Where It Goes

Stop putting your focus on things you don't want, focus on what you do want.

Stop putting your focus on things you don’t want, focus on what you do want.

No matter what you are doing with your land to make necessary changes for the betterment of nature, you must first focus your attention on what you want. You envision what you want to change, how it will look, and what you will have to do to bring this change into physical form.

What you should not do is focus your attention on what you don’t want, or what is already there that you don’t like, for example there may be weeds there you don’t like, or more personally, you may not like the way you look.

I have come to the realization that many are deceived by focusing their attention on things they shouldn’t. There is a huge difference between blindly believing things are not there, and choosing not to focus your attention on them.

There are ancient writings that tell us that putting our focus on certain things gives them energy, so whenever you go to do anything, be aware of where your attention lies.

I have been making huge life changes recently because I have decided to turn away from things I don’t want to put my attention on. I don’t need to study these areas or even talk about them as it only makes them grow in my life, so I just focus my attention on the positivity of what I want.

This is where true change and growth will happen, since you are focused on the positive you will find more energy, more control, more power to make the changes you want possible. When we focus on the negative, or the negative attributes within us, we give them more power and it makes it harder on us to overcome these areas in our lives since our attention makes them grow.

I am taking back control of my life, as of now, I turn my back on anything negative within me, an ego, or adversary, or any other name that people want to give it and I choose to focus on life and beauty.

Find your strength in beauty and life.

Find your strength in life and beauty.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” -Bashar

“See, I have set before you this day, life and beauty and death and adversity. Choose life”~ God

“Turn away from adversity and achieve beauty, seek wholeness and chase after it.” ~Psalm 34:14


About Mimic Nature

Hello everyone! I’m so glad to see you! I’m Jana, I’m an eccentric wife and mother; I work 2 jobs and homeschool my kids. With all this going on in my life, I want to focus my attention on the things that make me happy, and the one thing that has made me happy ever since I was a little kid is nature. As my life progressed and changed through my teen years and my early married life, I lost my connection to it. Life took over and here I am living disconnected from nature because of work, bills, and every day events that keep me away. So the next chapter of my life will be dedicated, at least in some small part, to reconnecting to nature; I still have a mortgage, work, and a family to take care of, but now, I will be more aware of nature and my place within it. Each day, I will find some small way to not harm nature. Not long ago I was introduced to something called permaculture and I fell in love with it. Basically, it’s building a small ecosystem in your own backyard that is based off of what nature would do naturally. In turn your backyard helps you, and you help your backyard…with minimal work!! At first it may take more work, but over time, your backyard will become self-sustaining and you won’t have to work as hard…other than harvesting. I love the life lessons that I learn from nature, so what I promise to do is share a lesson that I’ve learned from nature each week, share what I’m learning about permaculture, and share my own personal progress in changing my homestead into a permaculture Garden of Eden. And since it’s hard to make any changes in life, I want to have some free giveaways once in awhile…all nature themed of course, to help all of us remember our ‘green’ family. Read a few articles, see if you like what is there, if you do, go ahead and subscribe. If you don’t like what you see, that’s ok, I’m honored that you took the time to get to know me a little and see my vision for my blog and my life.
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