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The Down and Outs of Gardening

I know it’s hard to see but this is my gooseberry bush. My husband and I planted that around 3 years ago and every year that bush is full of leaves and berries. This year was no different, it was … Continue reading

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My First Project This Year

  This was the first project I decided to tackled this year, it is our security light that we had installed a couple of years ago after someone stole from our property. The dirt they dug up had a lot … Continue reading

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A Productive Day

  Today I went to the garden and picked basil leaves. My husband and I love basil leaves, especially when it is cooked in a meal I made. The problem we found was that these plants make a lot of leaves … Continue reading

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Questioning our Actions

When I started learning about permaculture I knew it was something I wanted to share with people, not because I see it as the way to do things but because nature is something I really enjoy and I wanted to … Continue reading

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Is Our Intent To Share or Destroy?

A recent situation got me to thinking about what we say and why we say it. When people ask us for information, or even when they don’t and we give our input anyway, is our words helping them or hurting … Continue reading

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When Ideas Come Alive

When I started thinking about my garden earlier this year, I envisioned my garden looking and functioning in certain ways. The first thing I envisioned was doing my garden in strips, basically instead of tilling a huge piece of dirt … Continue reading

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Getting Started

To be honest I procrastinated in buying my seeds but I have purchased some, I found some nice perennial flower mixes that I plan on planting. One thing I have found is that perennials are much easier to deal with … Continue reading

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How Important is Rest?

Another vital step to anything you undertake is rest. Rest is defined as a period of inactivity, relaxation, or sleep in order to become refreshed. The National Sleep Foundation did studies and showed that 40 million Americans suffer from some … Continue reading

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Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

When I finished reading Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl I realized that having a meaning and purpose in my life is really important. The times that I was really depressed and down were the times that I felt … Continue reading

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Maipulation and It’s Negative Influence

Have you ever wondered why certain gardening techniques don’t work? Have you ever wondered why the relationship between humans and animals has changed so drastically over the decades? What if the reason these things are happening is because we allow … Continue reading


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