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The Down and Outs of Gardening

I know it’s hard to see but this is my gooseberry bush. My husband and I planted that around 3 years ago and every year that bush is full of leaves and berries. This year was no different, it was … Continue reading

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Is Life Really Supposed To Be Simple?

  The other day I watched a movie called “Mom’s Night Out”, and one part really caught my attention. It was the part where the mother was hiding inside her closet, watching the mother eagle take care of her baby … Continue reading

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My First Guest Post

I’ve heard many talk about having other people guest post on your blog, and I really loved this idea, who says that I am the only person who needs to be heard? So here is my first guest post. I … Continue reading

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Growing the right trees

When it comes to trees (and life), you must figure out whether you want fast growing trees or steady growing trees. Choose wisely though, as it will effect the rest of your garden in a big way. Steady growing trees have deep root systems and grow proportionately to its roots, a fast growing tree grows disproportionate to its roots and can easily be blown over during times of strong winds. Continue reading

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