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I Care

Sometimes the most inspiration you receive comes from areas you wouldn’t expect it to, so I was surprised when I received some inspiration from a book I had to read for work. In a nutshell the book is about mutual … Continue reading

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Loving What Is

This is my yard, I know you can’t tell from the picture but it is really long at the moment and has a ton of dandelions in it. The spring rains and the warm temps keep giving energy and life … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Youth and The Modern Family

  I was reading a book today that was talking about Hitler and how he truly believed that youth were very important in passing on ideas. He made an entire program aimed at tearing down the family unit while filling … Continue reading

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My Journey to Uncover Happiness

Do you know what truly makes you happy? Do you have a hard time being happy and fall victim to the roller coasters of your own emotions? This is my 30 day journey towards uncovering the happiness within myself Continue reading

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Polluting The Present Moment

Do we pollute more than just the water, air, and earth? Can we pollute ourselves and others? I’ve learned from a shrub to let go of the past. Continue reading

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What Is Thanksgiving?

What is thanksgiving and what are you thankful for? Continue reading

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Frustration sets in

Do you have that one thing that has held you back in certain areas of your life? I do, and here is one of them. Continue reading

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Lessons From A Fish Tank

I love fish tanks. Mine is a work in progress and my goal with my fish tank is to make it as close to nature as I can. I want to have as many natural items as I can, even … Continue reading

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My First Guest Post

I’ve heard many talk about having other people guest post on your blog, and I really loved this idea, who says that I am the only person who needs to be heard? So here is my first guest post. I … Continue reading

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