Another Confession of Mine

confessionI have another confession to reveal to you, if you’ve been reading any of my posts you may already know what it is.

I was challenged today to really find my ‘voice‘ as a writer and I was given 3 things to do to help me achieve this directive. 1. List possibilities of what is wrong with the world. 2. What experience do I have that’s unique to me? 3. What is easy for me to do but may be harder for others, this is a way to give of your experience and knowledge to those who may be struggling in this area (this list was sent to me by a writer named Jeff Goins who helps people find their own unique voice to write with).

As I sat and thought about the first question I couldn’t help but think about what was wrong in my life that turned my world upside down, and my answer is my inner self. I didn’t know who I was or what God wanted of me, religion caused  so much confusion in my life I didn’t know where to turn.

My confession is that I love nature but my passion is spirituality and finding who you are inside. Please note that my passion is not religion but more the soft whisper of a Creator that loves us all and tries to remind us who we are and the power we possess. When we hear the superheroes say “with great power comes great responsibility” what you don’t realize is that this is really talking about YOU and not just a certain group of people.

This kind of power is not about yourself and what you can do only for yourself or your family, even though time for yourself and your family are important, it is a power of knowing that you can better the world in so many beautiful ways despite what that little voice inside your head tells you or what other people may say or think about you.

What we can do as humans is beyond our comprehension and yet we sit and give our lives and our power over to others and to selfish desires that help no one, not even ourselves.

 My deepest desire is for people to see themselves the way the Creator sees them, and if you don’t believe in a Creator that is fine, the Universe still believes in you and your potential to change the world for the better. So along with my normal nature posts I will begin a spiritual category that dives deep into understanding ourselves and our place within the world around us.

I don’t speak about these things as a person who knows everything, I only know my experience and what I felt and understood through each step of this process, a process that is still going and will never end. I also can’t deny my inner yearning anymore, I’m tired of seeing so many people struggle because they don’t understand themselves or their surroundings, just as I am tired of struggling myself.

I also want to point out that this is not a way to convert people to any religion or any school of thought, it’s a way for you to see your own worth and understand the struggles you may be going through.


About Mimic Nature

Hello everyone! I’m so glad to see you! I’m Jana, I’m an eccentric wife and mother; I work 2 jobs and homeschool my kids. With all this going on in my life, I want to focus my attention on the things that make me happy, and the one thing that has made me happy ever since I was a little kid is nature. As my life progressed and changed through my teen years and my early married life, I lost my connection to it. Life took over and here I am living disconnected from nature because of work, bills, and every day events that keep me away. So the next chapter of my life will be dedicated, at least in some small part, to reconnecting to nature; I still have a mortgage, work, and a family to take care of, but now, I will be more aware of nature and my place within it. Each day, I will find some small way to not harm nature. Not long ago I was introduced to something called permaculture and I fell in love with it. Basically, it’s building a small ecosystem in your own backyard that is based off of what nature would do naturally. In turn your backyard helps you, and you help your backyard…with minimal work!! At first it may take more work, but over time, your backyard will become self-sustaining and you won’t have to work as hard…other than harvesting. I love the life lessons that I learn from nature, so what I promise to do is share a lesson that I’ve learned from nature each week, share what I’m learning about permaculture, and share my own personal progress in changing my homestead into a permaculture Garden of Eden. And since it’s hard to make any changes in life, I want to have some free giveaways once in awhile…all nature themed of course, to help all of us remember our ‘green’ family. Read a few articles, see if you like what is there, if you do, go ahead and subscribe. If you don’t like what you see, that’s ok, I’m honored that you took the time to get to know me a little and see my vision for my blog and my life.
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4 Responses to Another Confession of Mine

  1. zestyjazz says:

    Whenever I read a post from you, it really sends a surge of excitement and possibility into my heart. I feel more powerful. I feel encouraged. I feel like opportunity is everywhere. You have a very powerful voice, even prior to this post. But with this post it is so clear, crisp and inspirational. I am so happy that I follow you and your posts.

    P.S I felt completely called to action when you wrote about finding your inner path. I completely agree. I want to help myself and others awaken to our inner passions and to help create the change that we want in the world. Many problems = many solutions.

    Thank you for being a regular blogger!

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  2. Family Yields says:

    I am currently on this same journey…discovering my self. It is so strange to me that this has to be a pursuit of ours, that somehow in the hubbub of our culture we lose who we are. I’m hoping that by uncovering my own blocks to self-knowledge, I’ll be able to pass the process on to my children…or even better help them to never reach the point where they feel disconnected in this way! Looking forward to more posts in this category.

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