I Remember When I Was a Kid….

golden rule1I can’t remember all the details of this memory, but I can express the most important part which is the heart of this post.

I can remember as a child being captivated by this little ball, I don’t remember where I was or how this little ball came to be in this place, but I saw a little ball held within a little case and I wanted it. The ball itself looked almost like an opal, it was a light cream color and it seemed to have a slight swirling pattern in it. All the way around this ball was a groove and within this groove was a ribbon, the ribbon bore the words of the golden rule upon it. The golden rule states,

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. 

As this memory comes back to my mind I wonder if I am living by those words that captivated me so long ago? What does this little rule mean and am I really living by it’s code of conduct? Unfortunately I can say that I have fallen far from living my life by this.

It seems that I never understood what the term ‘others’ meant, does this mean my family only, or people who believe like me, or only to those who treat me well?

If you love only those who love you, what goodness do you have? And if you are doing good to those who treat you well, what goodness do you have? And if you borrow from those you expect to get something back, do you deserve any thanks for that?

Love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting anything in return. Then your reward will be great and you shall be children of Love for Love is kind toward the ungrateful and malicious.

From what I just quoted it seems others means everyone, not just family, friends, or anyone who we know will return our kindness. We are supposed to be kind to those who will never return our kindness for only then will we truly understand the concept of friendship, love, and kindness.

Why have we twisted this simple saying? Why do humans use their intellect to twist the simple meaning of life and love? Loving your neighbors does not mean love your family or love those who think like you do, if that were true it would say love your brother or love your family but it doesn’t, it says to love your neighbor and neighbor is define as a person who lives near another or one’s fellow human beings. Personally I see a neighbor as anyone who is traveling with you on life’s journey in this present moment, for example when you walk into a store, everyone around you is your neighbor.

I will not twist the simple meaning of the golden rule anymore for now I see that it was designed to help me become a better vessel of Love, love for others and for myself. If I want to be more loving then I must start giving more love, for the only way to receive is to give.

I lost that ball a long time ago but the memory stayed within me, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself and change my perception, for nothing is done in vain, everything has meaning and purpose.

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The Road to Natural Products

naturalAlong with eating more natural many of us feel lead to change other products to a more  natural and healthy version. The problem is that many companies claim to be natural when in reality they are not.

What I found is that when a certain natural bacteria on our skin mixes with our sweat, especially under our arms, it can cause a foul smell. Of course there are other factors as to why we stink when we sweat for instance some of the foods we eat can cause our sweat to create an odor as well.

I have been struggling to find a natural deodorant that is safe for my body. I tried an herbal deodorant and even though it worked great in the winter there was no way I could use it in the summer, the first hot day I smelled horrible. I am a person that sweats, I do a lot of manual labor at my job and at home, I don’t mind that I sweat but I can’t stink at work, especially since I work in a hospital.

Deodorants keep your underarms smelling good without blocking the natural sweating that occurs there whereas an antiperspirant does exactly what it says, it stops sweating completely. I tried another deodorant a few weeks ago with wonderful results, I was so happy that I had found something that was working, but oddly after a few weeks it quit working, so back to the health food store I went.

I found another one I am going to try and see if that works any better, it’s so frustrating to spend all this money on these products and not have them keep you smelling good. Are my expectations too high? Will I stink no matter what if I allow myself to sweat? I wonder what past generations did to combat the smell of their underarms?

I will continue my search even if this current deodorant doesn’t work, I really want to use something natural and I don’t want to stop my bodies natural sweating, especially since sweating is another way our body removes toxins.

Do you have the same issues when looking for natural deodorants?

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The Law of Gestation

gestationThe Law of Gestation or what some call the law of gender means that every seed has a gestation or incubation period. That means that when you plant a seed it will take some time before you actually see the fruit, so when you plant a tomato seed it will take a while before you see a tomato, or when a woman becomes pregnant then it will take some time before she has a baby in her arms.

I wanted to read more about the concept of gestation so I began searching out reading material to learn more about it, the problem was that in doing this, I ended up confusing myself more and more. The reason for this confusion was that the law of gestation is a very simple concept, adding more and more words to try to explain this simple concept is an easy way to confuse the readers and make them think there is more to it when there really isn’t.

Getting frustrated caused me to stop reading these books and to seek out something less stressful so I gave up my research on gestation for the time being. As many probably already know, when you stop searching for something is usually when you find it, so when I stopped searching for this understanding is when it was revealed to me.

As I was searching for a new book to read I found myself being drawn to this book about living in harmony with the way things are. I wasn’t sure why I was being drawn to this book but I decided to listen to my feelings and when I had a few extra dollars I purchased the book.

What I found in this book was the information on gestation I was looking for. The law of gestation was written on the front cover for anyone to read and understand, it is living in harmony with the way things are, it is the understanding that things will manifest at the exact moment they are meant to. No amount of thinking things “should” come at this time, or things “better be” at this time will make it come any sooner. Reality knows exactly when you need it and will provide it at that exact time, so when that tomato is in your hands is the exact moment you needed it. Any dis-ease involved is from our own minds thinking things should be this way or thinking we need more, or that we should have it now.

On a deeper level, the concept of gestation also works with thoughts, so when you have a thought, this thought will manifest at the exact moment it is meant to, or in my case, the answer to my question presented itself at the exact moment it was meant to for me to understand it. There is so much peace and freedom when we stop fighting reality.

Was there anything in your own life that you thought was going to be hard to understand or accomplish and yet it turned out to be easier than you thought? If there is I’d love to hear about it.


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Social Permaculture And How It Works Within A Group Setting

working together as a group

working together as a group

This past week I learned a new aspect of permaculture that I did not know before, it’s called social permaculture. Social permaculture is basically taking permaculture principles and adding them into families, groups, communities, or any other interaction you may have outside of your garden. Here are some permaculture principles you can add in your social interactions.

  1.  Relinquish control. You can plant your garden but you cannot control it, when you are with others try not to control the conversation or situation, allow others to put their thoughts or talent into the project or discussion as well.
  2. The problem is the solution. Think creatively and turn constraints into resources. There is a saying that the answer lies within the problem, so if your group has a problem then everyone should think about how to turn this problem into a solution.
  3. Multiple functions. This means that each element within your garden should support as many functions as possible. In a group you should use each persons individual talents to help your group grow and flourish.
  4. Work with nature. In your garden you would work with nature the best way you can, you work with natural cycles and seasons. In a group you should work with the natural flow of each individual, each person has their productive and fruitful times and they have their dormant times. When groups truly understand that no one is meant to be in “charge”, then they will begin to produce higher and higher “yields” of people and talent.
  5. Least change, greatest effect. The least amount of change that is created allows the  natural energy within a group to emerge. When you want to become involved in a group or charity, don’t jump right in with all these changes you would like to make or problems you see. Give the group some time, be silent and observe, reflect upon what is going on and what is being said.
  6. Edge effect. Basically this is when two ecosystems come together to form a third which has greater fertility and productivity. I think we can all see the implications in this principle, it’s when two organizations or groups come together to form a third group which can add more growth and productivity.
  7. Diversity. In a successful garden you want to add diversity, all you have to do is look at our current farming system and you know that the monoculture idea does not work. Bugs can decimate an entire field of one plant so tons of chemicals are used to keep this from happening. Bringing in a variety of perceptions will help your group or organization to grow more than you ever thought possible.
  8. Functional interconnection. This basically means that the waste of one plant is what another plant needs. This function is highly important and is vital to our mental health. If you belong to one group and find that you are not helping or interacting the way you like, don’t feel bad if you have to move to another group. There is an old saying that goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, be open to change, be open to moving and doing different things. We are not meant to be stagnant, so if change is where life is taking you, then follow it without regret or remorse.
  9. Redundancy. Every need should be met in more than one way. In a group you should promote the idea of sharing, allow others to plan events so they too can build the skills needed to lead, life is not about making permanent followers, it’s about teaching people to be their own leaders and helping them acquire the skills they need to accomplish this.

As I’m thinking about each principle mentioned above, I can see that social permaculture is something I would like to carry out in my life, not only for my mental health but for the good of all the people and groups I encounter.

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A Look Outside My Window

 Look what I found on my screen this morning! How beautiful life is! It looks like a type of moth but I’m not familiar with all the different species of moths. Either way it was a treat to see! 

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Loving What Is

imageThis is my yard, I know you can’t tell from the picture but it is really long at the moment and has a ton of dandelions in it. The spring rains and the warm temps keep giving energy and life to the grass making it grow faster.

This type of thing used to bother me, it reminded me of chaos and disorder, not to mention you didn’t know what could be hiding in the tall grass. But for some reason I don’t feel the same way about it this year, I find myself more at awe with what my lawn is
rather than being upset with what it’s not.

I see the tall grass and instead of thinking about chaos and what ‘evil’ may be lurking within it, I see beauty, I see a jungle full of life and adventure.  The grass is only doing what it is meant to do which is grow and I am doing exactly what I am meant to do which is learn from it and see beauty. I will cut the grass in a day or so but for now I will enjoy it for what it is.

Thoughts about the way things should be rather than what they are creates confusion in a person’s mind. Confusion leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. We should learn to be happy with what is rather than continually thinking things should be better or different from what they are.

I want to share part of a book I am reading this morning called “A Thousand Names For Joy” by Byron Katie,

“This amazing desert earth has been my greatest teacher. She doesn’t budge from what she is. I sit on her and there is no movement, no discussion, no complaint. The earth just gives, without condition, unnoticed, and that’s proof of love. She doesn’t ever withhold. She doesn’t ever compromise. The way she speaks is through the wind and the rain, the sand, the rocks, the sounds of her creatures. She just sings her song and she continues to give without any expectation in return. She’ll support you all your life, and if you throw a tin can onto her or dump poison into her bloodstream or drop a bomb on her, there is still total, unconditional love. She keeps giving and giving.”

“As long as you think you know what should and shouldn’t happen you’re trying to manipulate God. This is a recipe for unhappiness”. ~Byron Katie

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going crazy  Have you ever seen the movie The Shining by Stephen King? This picture from the movie shows how I am feeling today.

I usually start cleaning my house before Passover but after 13 years in the same house and 2 kids, the accumulating clutter is out of control.

I started cleaning today and after a while I found it hard to breathe. I felt like I was being suffocated by stuff, when I finally became aware of the cause I couldn’t believe I was a slave to these objects.

I knew there was a saying that “the more stuff you own, the more the stuff owns you” but I never knew what that meant until I experienced it for myself. I used to live in that world of materialism, to base my worth on how much stuff I own but age and time have brought me a new understanding and I don’t want all this stuff anymore.

No wonder God asked us not to covet, because these things have no value and actually steal your life away from you. All the money you spend on stuff that doesn’t matter takes money away from the things that do matter.

Some lessons are hard to learn and only when you are at your wit’s end do you finally see the truth.

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What is true strength?

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

I have been thinking a lot about strength lately, what is it? Where does it come from? What do I do to grow this strength within myself?

I struggle with strength, it comes on strong but does not last the test of time and after so long I end up tired. I look at everything I must do in a day and already my mind will begin to feel tired, so what am I doing wrong and where is my strength?

First and foremost I realize that I cannot focus on being tired, I can’t see things with a negative mindset or it will consume any strength I have. Then I must decide what I believe about myself, am I strong? Am I capable? Am I fulfilling my purpose? When I get these things figured out then I must stand behind what I believe, I must not falter or someone else will put a thought in its place, one that doesn’t line up with what I believe about myself and my strength will leave me.

Think about the story of Samson, he never lost his strength until he allowed another person to cut away a piece of himself. He trusted this person and she betrayed him and he lost the strength he had. But over time his strength began to grow again.

The Source of true strength lies within

The Source of true strength lies within

How does a person stand strong in what they believe? You must meditate on it daily, over and over you must tell yourself the truth about who you are, allow these words to penetrate every fiber of your being. You must stand for something or you will fall for anything….even within your own mind.

True strength is not a short burst of courage, compassion, confidence, or belief, true strength conquers the test of time, which means there is no end to it, there is no holidays or days off, as it is today so shall it be tomorrow and the day after that.

This is how nature works and how we as humans work as well. Strength comes from within, you can feel it as it grows and become stronger. I know where my source of strength lies but each must figure this out on their own, no one can tell another, it must be experienced for oneself.

Stay strong and your garden will become a place of beauty, give up and it will cease to exist.


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No Peace Wanted

Source of Inspiration


There are those
who do not want peace.
They thrive on adrenaline
creating drama
to add spice and energy
to their lives.

Yet, there is a positive
energy force that is
much more rewarding
leaving one with serenity
a quiet knowing and joyous.
It is to this loving Force
I turn, knowing that, in the end,
it is here that life
becomes meaningful
for all else is but illusion.

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Infused Water

There has been a new trend going around called infused water. What is it, you might ask? It’s simple, you add any assortment of fruit, veggie, or herb to your drinking water for added taste.

I work in a hospital and this is a new product we have been offering employees and guests and you wouldn’t believe how much water we go through! The hospital offers it as a way to get people to drink more water and it worked.

I use my fruit for 24 hours before I change it and since I was having a hard time finding a good diffuser I decided to buy a Snapple and use that bottle instead. It works great, all I do is add whatever fruit I want and just keep refilling it with water all day. Eventually I want to find a pitcher so that way my kids will start drinking more water too.

WARNING: be careful not to buy the cheap plastic water pitchers with diffusers, the acid from certain fruit will eat away at the plastic and leach into your water.

The picture shows my water for today, what you see inside it is a few slices of oranges and a few leaves of mint. The most popular combination at my work is honeydew and cucumbers, at our main hospital the favorite combination is peach, mango, and orange.


So if you need to incorporate more water into your day I would recommend trying this to see if you like it, it’s a great alternative to drinks with sweeteners in it.

If you already drink infused water, what is your favorite combination?

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