The Constitution

The Constitution

The Constitution

I have decided that I want to learn more about our constitution and what our rights really are. I don’t remember learning about the Constitution beyond the preamble but since I want my kids to understand this piece of paper that has the most important words written on it, I decided that I would make this a section in my blog and study it more in-depth.

I want to regularly post about a different individual right according to our founding father’s and show people how simple and important they are to this country and to every human being on the planet.

At a time when our individual rights are constantly under attack we should be educating ourselves to what our rights really are instead of allowing other people to tell us.

I am still looking for a good book or copy that covers all of our rights according to our founding fathers, so if anyone has any ideas on where to buy one let me know. I have looked on certain websites but am a little apprehensive to these books validity. I am finding out that having information is good but having too much information is confusing and can easily become contaminated with too many opinions instead of facts.

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Hitler’s Youth and The Modern Family

hitlers youth   I was reading a book today that was talking about Hitler and how he truly believed that youth were very important in passing on ideas. He made an entire program aimed at tearing down the family unit while filling this hole with state funded programs, therefore giving kids the idea that no one was there for them except the Nazi regime. They started taking kids away from their parents at a young age and began indoctrinating them with thoughts and ideas in order to bond with these kids and win their trust. In doing so these kids had an unwavering faith and loyalty to Hitler and his Third Reich.

hitlers youth 2  As I was sitting in the car reading all of this it made me think about my relationship with my family, is our bond as a family strong enough to handle a situation like this? Would my kids be able to spot indoctrination when they see it? Do they have a moral compass that they can turn to when times get confusing and hard to handle? I wanted to say yes to all of these but if I am honest I would say no.

I know I don’t do enough with my kids, I don’t put enough emphasis on teaching them the Constitution and our rights that are given to us, and everyone else, by our Creator. I don’t want them to see color, or treat people with disrespect and yet I don’t want them to be oppressed for something they didn’t do.

Change is never as easy as you want it to be, it takes time to undo the damage inflicted by indoctrination even from when we were kids. Indoctrination comes in different forms, it can come by way of what people say to you, or it comes in learning and copying how people act. My kids have been picking up my own bad habits and I need to help them change now before they get older.

Yesterday was just another normal day, the kids had school and chores but when that was done I allowed my kids to do what they enjoyed with me. Sam listened to music and Luke and I played with his super heroes. Small things add up to strong bonds, I used to think that my kids wanted big vacations and expensive toys but what they really need is small things like listening to them, or playing with them. Maybe raising kids isn’t as hard as we were lead to believe?

broken family

broken family

I’m not sure if anything like what Hitler did with Germany’s youth will happen in America but I do see a disturbing trend that seems to be tearing our youth apart. Nature has shown me that it’s never too late to start any type of change, so I am starting this change now.

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Camp Nanowrimo

writing I have finally discovered something about writing, it should have been obvious to me but it really helps connect the dots when you experience it in your personal life.

In November when nanowrimo was in full swing, I found myself stuck after a few days of writing and I never met my word goal. Today I am ahead of my word goal, so what is the difference between the two experiences? Passion.

In November I tried to think of a book that others would like not a book I felt passionate about, this lack of passion brought about a lack of inspiration in my work, and a lack of inspiration means a book that will not manifest. Not only did I lack the words to write my story but I also lacked the feelings that bring it to life.

I have begun to understand that thoughts are one thing but to connect them to reality is another, you can’t just repeat words and things will just appear. What I found is that feelings must be added to these words to bring any book into reality. Same goes with anything in our lives, there is a saying that goes, “believe and you shall receive”, what does this really mean? It doesn’t say think and you shall receive, it says believe and you shall receive, belief entails feelings behind what you think.

We’ll see what manifests at the end of the month.

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New Adventure

writingIn a few days I embark on a new journey, one that will define whether I have the commitment and determination to finish what I am starting. I love to try new things, see new places, or venture in areas I know nothing about.

I have days where I want to venture out and try something new but I hesitate because I can hear voices in my head telling me that I’m not good enough or that people don’t care about what I have to say.

I may not be great at it but I love to write, writing has been a powerful outlet for me over the years and it has also been a great learning tool. Writing everything down to evaluate later on is a great way to help see the patterns that can infiltrate our minds, patterns that can ruin us or propel us forward into new areas of expression and fulfillment.

In a few days I start camp nanowrimo, it is an online camp designed to help new writers achieve their goals of creating new masterpieces while having a bunch of people there to cheer you on, my new book is going to be called Balancing Nature. I want to focus on how we can work with nature instead of manipulating it, and how we can change our relationship with plants, animals, and even the dirt.

This journey will begin and end with hope, not hope for money or status or even recognition, but hope that I can finish what I start, hope that this adventure will bring me closer to being fulfilled, and hope that I can overcome the thoughts that drag me down.

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Health and Aromatherapy


My mom and I are getting into oils and aromatherapy so here is what I bought today, it is an essential oils diffuser. I never really thought much about our sense of smell until I used this for the first time and noticed a huge difference in my mood, this experience has made me take a deeper look at my senses.

We are given our 5 senses for a reason and many see that as a way to avoid danger but have we given much thought to how it affects us spiritually? The sound of birds chirping, the smell of flowers on a spring day, the feel of a soft blanket or the touch of a loved one, and the taste of your favorite food, all of this is sensory perception and helps to enhance our experience here on earth.

I have realized that when I meditate, using my diffuser enhances this time as the smell of the lilac or jasmine oil that I put in the water helps to calm me even more, even the color changing LED light helps.

Instead of just sitting quietly and trying to force myself to be calm maybe I should use my 5 senses to help calm me naturally with items that already do? For me personally, these include the sound of rain, the feel of a soft blanket, pillow, or even an animal, and the smell of flowers or grass, all of these are naturally calming and help boost my mood.

No wonder nature is a natural antidepressant, it already contains all of what I mentioned above plus the taste of real fruit and vegetables. I have seen posts about how the soil contains antidepressant qualities within it but I believe it goes deeper than just the soil, I believe it is the whole experience that is taken in with our 5 senses that is the true cure for depression. It is the feel of the soil, the smell of the air, the warmth of the sun, the beauty that surrounds us, all of this is what naturally cures depression and makes us feel better.

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Getting Started

wildflowers To be honest I procrastinated in buying my seeds but I have purchased some, I found some nice perennial flower mixes that I plan on planting. One thing I have found is that perennials are much easier to deal with as they come back each year and you don’t have to worry about replanting.

One thing I never knew was that perennials roots, since their root systems never die, can grow very deep into the soil, grabbing certain minerals and nutrients and drawing them to the top for other plants. It’s amazing to see how nature helps each other to flourish and thrive.

My biggest reason for wanting to plant perennial wildflower mixes is that I haven’t noticed the amount of bees that were here when we moved in so I want to attract more bees to my property. At some point I will buy a container for bees so that way they can build their own hive here, plants will not thrive without bees, everything is connected.

This year I also decided to plant as much stuff as I can, even if it’s just a seed mix that I can easily spread and forget about. I really want to get rid of a lot of this grass around our home, it doesn’t serve a purpose and I am wasting the potential contained within my soil.

Lesson number 2 of permaculture is plant, it doesn’t matter what, like I heard on a movie one time, “see a need, fill a need”. If you see that your area lacks something like bees, then you should plant something around your property to attract them back. I bought a rhubarb plant even though I don’t like rhubarb, my reasoning for that is that I wanted to have a nice diversity of plants around. I don’t want to plant only things I like, I want to plant other varieties as well since they may be the key to pest resistance or the key to unlocking the nutrients needed for another plant near it.

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A Look Outside My Window


Yesterday turned out to be such a beautiful day! The temp was up around 65 and the breeze was light and warm.

The warm temps have stirred a fire within, can’t wait to start planting!

What a beautiful sunset to end the day.

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Dogs and Energy

Cesar and His Pack

Cesar and His Pack

I was looking for something to watch on Netflix the other day and I found a certain person I used to love watching on Animal Planet, his name is Cesar Milan. For years Cesar studied the way wolves act and how the pack handled certain situations, with all of this knowledge he developed a way to train dogs. I implemented his techniques with my older dog and it worked great, my younger dog will take more patience and more of an energy shift to get him to follow.

I was watching his new show called Cesar 911 and it brought back all the techniques that I had forgotten over the years and it really surprised me that  I understand his way of doing things so much better now that I see life as energy instead of just physical bodies.

The reason his techniques work is because Cesar deals with energy, more importantly the human energy that is being sent out and received by the dog. He has proven to me over and over that how the human feels, whether they are anxious, nervous, fearful, whatever the emotion a person has is picked up by the dog and it reacts accordingly. If you feel fearful the dog will try to take over and protect you, if you are chaotic and worry all the time the dog will not see you as a fit “leader” and will begin to run the home. Success and failure as a leader has to do with the energy flow between all involved.

wolf packThe more you watch the shows the more you will begin to understand that Cesar is not training the dogs he is training humans to be more calm and confident and this energy shift will tell the dog that you are worthy to be leader.

What needs to be understood here is that energy flow and hierarchy is how nature works. Followers and leaders are just positions, it does not mean that one group is less and the other more, unfortunately humans are the only beings that see a difference and add emotion to them, because of what we see and experience from other humans we think that the followers are being picked on or they are somehow less special than the leader. In nature it is understood that without leaders there would be no followers but without followers there would be no leader so they work together harmoniously. Animals focus on survival not on who is more liked by others or who’s fur is prettier.

In my house my husband and I co-run our “pack”, we discuss situations with each other but ultimately my husband has the final say. This doesn’t mean that I am less in any way, feeling the woman is less is just human emotion and misunderstandings of how things work. It’s hard to see positions correctly when you associate “greater” and “lesser” to them because in reality, greater and lesser are figments of our imagination, they are taught to us by society but they don’t really exist. This greater and lesser concept can seep into all areas of your life and unfortunately this is how many wars are started and how many people die.

A true leader is not picked by his looks or how much money he has, a true leader is picked by the calm confident energy they radiate. Think about the people you admire in life, what qualities do they possess that you like about them? Do they express love, compassion, or a concern for others? Are they confident in who they are and what they are doing? Are they calm or is their energy chaotic, reacting to each situation?


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How Important is Rest?



Another vital step to anything you undertake is rest. Rest is defined as a period of inactivity, relaxation, or sleep in order to become refreshed.

The National Sleep Foundation did studies and showed that 40 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, even 69% of kids have some sort of sleep disorder a few times a week. Some sleep loss is natural in life and it only becomes a real problem when it is a chronic condition, but what happens to our bodies when we don’t get the proper amounts of sleep?

Some of the obvious consequences are car accidents, impaired ability to learn, crankiness, and poor judgement, but it also runs our bodies down and effects every aspect since not getting enough sleep creates stress in the body.

Just as sleep is important to our bodies I believe rest is just as important to nature. Our world moves from day to night, from awake to asleep, everything rests in some form or another.

My family even allows our land to rest every 7 years which allows our perennials and the ground to rest from constant pulling and digging from us. I have only seen benefits from this practice and when I apply permaculture to it as well, I believe that our land will blossom and thrive even more.

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Quiet and Beautiful

gently falling snow

gently falling snow

Tonight I went outside and stood in the gently falling snow. How beautiful and peaceful that moment was. It reminded me of the snow globes that many buy of wintry scenes and when you shake it the snow swirls and then gently begins to fall. I could stand there all night if life wasn’t calling me back to what needs to be done. Goodbye gentle snow, I will be back to see you in the morning.

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